Metal trinkets customizable with coin | Promotion and publicity

We adapted our offering to various types of orders, from large to smaller ones, and supporting those who want to test this type of promotion.

100 - 499 pieces

2.8 €/ pieces

500 - 999 pieces

2.6 €/ pieces

1.000 - 2.499 pieces

2.4 €/ pieces

2.500 - 4.999 pieces

2.2 €/ pieces

5.000 - 9.999 pieces

2 €/ pieces

over 10.000 pieces

1.9 €/ pieces


In the hope that our offer will satisfy your requirements, we look forward to starting a successful collaboration.

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How can obtain maximum visibility with a small price you.

We all go to the supermarket and we need coins for the push carts. Who many times did you get angry because you had no small change and you had to look for a store in order to change your bill or you had to go the information office to get the coveted coins? b) A company that offers in its promotion campaigns this type of trinkets has the guarantee that its brand will always be in the clients’ sight, born with the keys and seen every time the situation requires it.

The trinkets are an excellent promotion method.